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Waste Operations

Omega offers multiple waste processing channels to our customers: a Bulk Survey for Release (BSFR) program, Exempt wastes, and Class A waste.  The Omega knowledge-based system provides the nuclear customer with a cost-effective disposal outlet based on the client profile, radiological measurements in the facility and laboratory sampling results of the material sampled by our staff.

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Scope of Services

Omega provides the required personnel, materials, facility, and license to disposition a wide variety of radioactive wastes and materials. Our general service offering provides the following to our customers and clients:

  1. Bulk Survey for Release – BSFR
  2. Sorting, analysis and disposition of dry active waste and metals for Exempt and Class A disposal
  3. Disposition of soil
  4. Decontamination and free release / disposition of tools, metals and equipment
  5. Evaluating qualified E-waste for free release
  6. Low-level liquid waste processing

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