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Radiological Services

Omega’s Radiological Support Services provides customers with radioactive material management, radiological surveys, segmentation and decontamination services for free release. Support services include radioactive laundry services and Respiratory Protection Equipment inspection, servicing, and cleaning.

Support Services

Omega’s facility has the capability to receive, possess, handle, inspect, store, and transfer equipment and materials contaminated with radioactive material. The facility can segment and decontaminate contaminated materials to support free release and beneficial reuse.

  • State radiological material license
  • Practical solutions
  • Customized methods
  • Large indoor work area
  • Experienced professional staff

Radiological Laundry and Respiratory Protection Equipment Services

Omega operates a full service radioactive laundry with accompanying RPE inspection, servicing, and cleaning services through a partnership with BES Technologies of Oak Ridge. This partnership, known as Smoky Mountain Solutions, LLC, provides:

  • Facilities with a capacity of 500lb/ hr of laundry
  • Custom water treatment and recycle system for highlighting sustainability
  • Radiological laundry monitoring equipment
  • Full service for RPE, including performance testing and sanitation

Planning and Operations

Omega’s Radiological Support Services Team can provide your organization the assistance and support necessary to meet demanding mission needs. Our team members have years of experience working in high paced and sometimes challenging radiological environments. Omegas radiation protection organization is internal, equipped, and trained for your projects. Facility Radioactive Material License available upon request.

  • Tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • Joint, interagency, and intergovernmental mission support
  • Lessons learned and after action reviews

Radioactive Laundry Services

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