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Microwave Technologies
Omegas most recently acquired capability involves the advancement of the emerging microwave metal melting technology to improve results, efficiency, costs and space. Our microwave is a 12kw front loading production scale unit that is housed in our classified facility located in the ETTP Site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
Our microwave unit can be used to support our customers in the area of classified metal sanitizing, precious metal recovery for beneficial reuse, shape and molecular destruction, material recycle, research and development opportunities, and metal alloying. Benefits of microwave technology include:


Cleaner Melts

Research has demonstrated that microwave casting can produce metals with reduced impurities. Induction melting, by comparison, picks up chemical impurities from the crucible as a result of the harsh eddy current stirring that occurs in the process. Microwave melting eliminates the eddy currents.

Smaller Equipment Footprint

Microwave melting equipment is generally smaller than competing technologies due to the compact nature of power supplies and reduced utility requirements.

Reduced Energy Requirements

The efficiency of microwave melting is a result of the intimate contact between the heating element (i.e., crucible) and the target material.

Greater Process Flexibility

Microwave melting furnaces are inherently flexible and have the ability to process multiple target materials promptly compared to the competing technologies.

Safe Operation

With the various applications in which the microwave is used the safety aspect is foremost its greatest attribution. Unlike competing technologies that uses systems that generate high external temperatures, the Microwave’s external and internal temperature remains at a safe working temperature excluding the stack make up. This in turn creates safer daily operations.

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