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Executive Management

Colleen Trapuzzano

Colleen Trapuzzano – CEO & Owner

In and around DOE facilities for 16 years, Mrs. Trapuzzano has spent the past 11 years as owner and CEO of Omega. Her focus is the management of all operational activities at Omega headquarters. Key among her responsibilities is to provide corporate vision, leadership and strategic planning. Her day-to-day responsibilities include the direct management of: process development, staffing, training, human resources, employee relations, database administration, financial oversight, audit, budget/actuals planning and analysis, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, office personnel and providing the corporate infrastructure to support business operations to include human capital and facilities.

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Tim Trapuzzano – President

Mr. Trapuzzano is President of Omega. He has held this position since the Company’s inception in 1995, and has achieved annual revenues in excess of $10M for the past 5 years. In this role Mr. Trapuzzano’s responsibilities include: Leading development and implementation of the corporate vision and strategy; Managing business portfolio and achieve excellence in all performance goals and compliance standards; Developing and nurturing close relationships with key clients, business partners, and other stakeholders; Leading the implementation of a business development strategy to grow and diversify Omega’s business portfolio. In addition to his role as President, Mr. Trapuzzano consults throughout the DOE NWC as a Senior Nuclear Operations Advisor.

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