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Executive Management

Colleen Trapuzzano

Colleen Trapuzzano – CEO & Owner

In and around DOE facilities for 16 years, Mrs. Trapuzzano has spent the past 11 years as owner and CEO of Omega. Her focus is the management of all operational activities at Omega headquarters. Key among her responsibilities is to provide corporate vision, leadership and strategic planning. Her day-to-day responsibilities include the direct management of: process development, staffing, training, human resources, employee relations, database administration, financial oversight, audit, budget/actuals planning and analysis, payroll, accounts payable/receivable, office personnel and providing the corporate infrastructure to support business operations to include human capital and facilities.

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Tim Trapuzzano – President

Mr. Trapuzzano is President of Omega. He has held this position since the Company’s inception in 1995, and has achieved annual revenues in excess of $10M for the past 5 years. In this role Mr. Trapuzzano’s responsibilities include: Leading development and implementation of the corporate vision and strategy; Managing business portfolio and achieve excellence in all performance goals and compliance standards; Developing and nurturing close relationships with key clients, business partners, and other stakeholders; Leading the implementation of a business development strategy to grow and diversify Omega’s business portfolio. In addition to his role as President, Mr. Trapuzzano consults throughout the DOE NWC as a Senior Nuclear Operations Advisor.


Darrel Kohlhorst

Darrel Kohlhorst – Executive Vice President 

Mr. Kohlhorst is an Executive Vice President, who mentors and advises our staff on management and strategic issues. His experience in top management, working with Boards of Directors, top level customer organizations both on site and in Washington, political leaders and Congressional committee members and staffers at the highest levels, and senior contractor organizations, is proven and unquestioned. From 2008 – 2012, Mr. Kohlhorst served as the President and GM of the B&W Y-12 Contract. He led all operations and had single point of accountability and responsibility for the safe, compliant delivery of the $900M annual Y-12 M&O Contract at the Y-12 National Security Complex.

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David Bunn – Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Bunn is responsible for all business and strategic development activities for Omega. While located in Oak Ridge for the past 23 years, he has worked with multiple small and large professional service firms supporting multiple federal agencies with both national and international reach. Prior to joining Omega, he was Vice President at SAIC and EnergySolutions, holding multiple positions including Program, Project and Division Manager, Small Business Liaison, Corporate Officer and Business Development. His client knowledge base includes DOE, NNSA, DoD, NASA and many Fortune 500 companies while actively participating in many community and charitable activities.

Jim French

Jim French – Executive Vice President

Mr. Jim French provides senior executive support in day-to-day operations, as well as mentoring of Omega staff. During his previous tenure at SRS, Mr. French was the Senior Site Officer for several missions, including High Level Waste (HLW) Tank Farm, site level Solid Waste Program operation, HLW processing including DWPF and Tank Farms, Nuclear Materials Division including both F and H Canyon and supporting infrastructure. During his tenure he reduced the high-level waste disposition schedule by eight years, saving $4 billion; completed the F Canyon mission two years ahead of schedule and $100 million below budget; cut the cost of vitrified glass waste nearly in half, saving hundreds of millions of dollars; and saved as much as $1 billion by increasing the amount of waste contained in each canister of vitrified waste. His 42-years experience in the nuclear industry included two years on UK NDA projects, 24 years on DOE projects, seven on three commercial nuclear reactor projects, and nine on U.S. Navy nuclear submarines. Mr. French’s experience and communication style make him a valued addition to Omega’s senior staff.

Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson – Director of Quality Assurance

Mr. Craig Anderson is Omega’s Director of Quality Assurance. He has over 45 years’ experience in the commercial and Federal government nuclear industry with over 35 years’ experience of that in senior management positions in quality assurance, engineering, construction and regulatory compliance. He worked his last 23 years at the Department of Energy’s Hanford site for several prime contractors, retiring from the Mission Support Alliance as the Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance Coordinator. During his career Mr. Anderson has been corporate director of Quality Assurance for a nuclear service and equipment supplier to the commercial nuclear industry; chief engineer for two prime contractors to DOE providing waste management and environmental cleanup services; vice president of engineering and ESH&Q for a prime contractor to DOE providing architect/engineering services and site infrastructure services; and he has held numerous senior management positions in Quality Assurance in commercial nuclear power plant construction companies and with DOE prime contractors. His areas of expertise include the ASME Code, 10CFR50, Appendix B, NQA-1, and regulatory drivers in both the commercial and DOE environment (10CFR820, 824, 830, 835, 851), and he has developed and implemented a number of Quality Assurance programs and worker safety and health programs.

Mike pic

Mike Sensibaugh – VP of Operations

Mr. Mike Sensibaugh provides senior management support for all Omega Business Unit operations. Mr. Sensibaugh is responsible for ensuring that all Omega operations and activities are performed in a safe, compliant, productive, and cost effective manner. Mr. Sensibaugh brings over 25 years of professional, technical, and leadership experience involving radioactive/mixed Transuranic and Low-Level waste management, nuclear facility operations, and commercial mining maintenance. The majority of his experience has been in management and leadership positions, ensuring strict programmatic compliance within heavily regulated industries. Mr. Sensibaugh previously managed Operations for Nuclear Waste Partnership’s, Central Characterization Project. He is recognized in the DOE complex as a Subject Matter Expert in the areas of TRU waste characterization and certification and has been instrumental in the support of WIPP Facility Permit and WIPP WAC revisions since 2009. Mr. Sensibaugh has lead operational teams through program inception, deployment, and nuclear facility operational readiness throughout the DOE complex; including integration into a diversity of generator site DSA’s.

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